The first recollection I have of meeting Amanda Reynolds-Snavley was Thanksgiving week of 2018 when she placed a special order of kolache to share with her family who was visiting for the holiday. She left us the nicest message that always helps make the hard work during one of our busiest weeks rewarding. Since then, Amanda and her husband Brad have been awesome customers, making us at Kolache Republic do the happy dance (keep reading to find out why).

I’ve always been fascinated by Amanda’s content on Instagram that includes her support for small businesses, skateboarding, yoga, The Simpsons, Dungeons and Dragons, and Latinx pride. Full disclosure, I’ve heard of Latinx before, but never knew what the “x” meant and had to look it up. In case you didn’t know, the “x” is used as a gender-neutral or nonbinary alternative to the feminine, Latina, and masculine, Latino, forms.

My fascination with @ar_snavley on Instagram led me to ask her if she would like to be interviewed for the Community Table blog. She obliged.

Where are you from originally?

I’m from Columbus, but the rest of my family is located in Costa Rica. I’ve moved around here and there, but always end up back in Columbus. Always the kindest community!

What do you like most about Columbus?

The loving, kind, and supportive community here will always be my favorite thing.

Amanda Reynolds-Snavley posing in front of one of her favorite Columbus murals.

Tell us some of your favorite hobbies?

I lead fitness classes at 7 Studios, but I’m told that doesn’t count as a hobby anymore (haha). I just really have so much fun doing it! Outside of that, I would say eating, outdoor activities – biking, skating, running – volunteering when I can, and I’m just getting into Dungeons & Dragons.

What do you for your day job?

I’ve been at Grange Insurance for 15 years and currently work in Finance.

Who inspires you and why?

My Mom and my husband Brad have always made me feel like I could do anything I set my heart on. My Mom inspires strength and resilience, while my husband inspires kindness and creativity. I’m thankful for them every single day.

Where does your interest in fitness and yoga come from?

I originally started to get myself into a healthy space physically and mentally. I ended up finding peace and happiness that I hope to share with others.

Amanda Reynolds-Snavley – Sky above, earth below, peace within.

How has fitness and yoga made an impact in your own life?

It keeps me grounded, especially during this kind of year. It also has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in Columbus. They give that energy to me, so I’ll keep working to give that energy right back. I’m beyond thankful for the connections and truly hope I can help each person see their worth and power.

What advice would you give someone looking to do what you do?

First, be authentic and be you. If you truly love something it’ll show through your work. Secondly, keep a calendar and schedule. My calendar reminders keep me sane. Lastly, make time for yourself! This is one that can easily get pushed aside, but it’s so very important to make sure you have that balance.

You’ve been a great supporter of many small businesses including Kolache Republic, why is supporting small businesses important to you?

Not only does it directly help our community, but honestly that’s where the best products can be found. Oh, and the connections you get to make with each person at each business are just priceless too! I will always pick a world where I can chat with local business owners and soak up the smiles and kindness. I know for a fact that each time you support a small business they do a happy dance because this is exactly what I do each time someone supports one of my classes.

What is your favorite kolache?

Hands down the kielbasa, jalapeño, & cheese. I just love it so much!

Amanda Reynolds-Snavley enjoying two of her favorite things – Eating a kielbasa, jalapeño and cheese kolache while skateboarding.

Follow Amanda Reynolds-Snavley on IG to get inspired and learn about her special event classes: @ar_snavley

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