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Columbus Dispatch: Behind the Menu

The owners of Kolache Republic are seeking a higher profile. After three years in business, they have built a loyal customer base in their Brewery District neighborhood. But getting noticed across the region has proved somewhat of a challenge. Read more

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Columbus Underground: Kolache Republic Opening Retail Store

When we first found out about Kolache Republic way back in November of 2011, we learned not just what a Kolache even is (a puff pastry of Eastern European decent that can be either sweet or savory) but also that this local mobile business had plans to eventually become a brick-and-mortar store. This April, their…

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Columbus Underground: Kolache Plans to Grow

Until recently, finding a kolache in Central Ohio was practically impossible. All of that changed when Kolache Republic came on the scene to serve these ethnic treats at local farmers markets. Now, armed with a food cart, they’ve taken their business to the streets with eventual plans to open a retail location in 2012… Read…

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